Album review: 2814

Night trip on an imaginary cyber-futuristic track.

2814 — ambient and vaporwave collaboration project of electronic musicians Telepath テ レ パ シ シ ー 能力 者 and HKE (short for «Hong Kong Express»).

The most famous duo album of 2814 is «新しい日の誕生», which sounds like «Atarashii Hi no Tanjō» or «Birth of a New Day», which Rolling Stone described as «a night trip on an imaginary cyber futuristic track. » Let’s try to feel it on ourselves.

What it’s fill like?
So, Imagine yourself in a large megalopolis, where the faces of all people look like masks in the form of black and white smileys. They pass by, buy something constantly, endlessly work, and you are in the midst of all this fuss … but without a mask, and don’t stop constantly asking yourself, should you be like them or not?

Around this surreal landscape, drawing a post-modern city in the light of neon lights, arises in the imagination while listening to the sound passages of this delightful album.