Aesthetics of interaction

Artistic practice involving the viewer’s involvement in the artistic process and emerged in the 90s.

The theoretical substantiation was received in the article of the same name by the French critic and curator Nicolas Bourriot. He noted that the activities of contemporary artists, unlike their predecessors working in a purely artistic space, unfolds in a social field, which is a new space of communication. Burrio hoped that the art of «aesthetics of interaction» could become a place of restoration of the destroyed by society consumption of human connections.

In the «aesthetics of interaction» the works of Dominique Gonzalez-Förster, Rikrit Tiravanie, Liam Gillik, Philip Parreno and Pierre Juig were performed.
One of the most memorable examples is Rirkrita Tiravaniya, who cooked food in galleries and museums and distributed present soups to Thai soup, couscous and pizza. As a result, visitors united in the community through the oldest ritual of a joint meal.

And what about Marina Abramovich and her project «in the presence of the artist», in which everyone could sit opposite and look into the eyes of the artist for as long as he wants. Marina told, that it was more difficult than her past performances with body harm and self-torture.