Album review: Big Ups — Two Parts Together (2018, Exploding In Sound Records)

Brooklyn based punk rockers from Big Ups attracted attention from the first album “Eighteen Hours of Static”. In their next EP “Before Before Million Universes”, they just strengthened the status of one of the most promising bands in post-hardcore. The album though has been made on similarity of the debut, but offered something more than just the same chips of the group, submitted with another instrumental emphasis.

The new album consists of only eight songs. This is the band’s shortest album, however, it hasn’t lost its integrity, and has become more complete and independent.

The emphasis in songs is made either on multisection, or on the development of a musical idea, laid in the first seconds. And only one song, the title single PPP, recalls the old straight-line Big Ups.
Bored, however, for them is not worth it, because the foundation of the new album is the same sound, consisting of flirting with dynamics, aggression and dissonant guitars. This sound at times resembles Slint and later Fugazi.

Vocalist Joe Gallaraga, with his cries, whispering, and almost with a spoken word, emphasizes the importance of texts delivered to them in every possible way. On a new release, he hit questions of the unknown, internal and alarming. In this album, he constantly refers to the lake as the most simple connection between a person and the world around him, an external mirror in which he can see the unexplored from the inside. Paranoia feels more and more increasing, and it achieves its climax, as it is easy to guess, in the song Fear. However, it is this, paranoid, claustrophobic and from the inside constrained feel the whole album from beginning to end.