Q&A with Nicola Gobbetto

Meet the young contemporary artist, who love modern reality and translate his feelings in art.

What images keep you company in the space where you work?

I’m actually surrounded by my works, they help me to remember who I was, who I am, and what I’m becoming.

What was the first piece of art that really mattered to you?

Puberty by Edward Munch (1895). That shapeless shadow in the background (symbol of the unknown future) has always fascinated me.

How do you start the artwork?

I normally listen to my soul, I like to translate my feelings in art. The shape and colours of my emotions comes naturally. It’s often something very private but everithing is always well hidden. I think that people can find themself in what I try to say. It probably sounds a bit pathetic and romantic… but I think that it’s very honest.

Your favourite place in the world: Any forest, preferably with snow, I love the muffled sounds of my steps in the snow. Woods are places where I can feel swallowed by nature. Lost but protected. I see them like natural cathedrals.

Currently working on:

2 projects, both in may 2018. at Edicola Radetzky in Milan and Korai in Cyprus

Your favourite cartoon character: Alice from «Alice in Wonderland». I’m a very curious person and I give myself very good advice just like her… but I very seldom follow it.

How long does it take to move from an idea to an artwork?

After a long research on the concept made on books or with the help of internet I try to view the exhibition in my mind, I create a sort of rendering and I start with the production.

Would like to meet: Walt Disney

Daily routine:

I wake up ‪at 7:30am, have a cup of coffee, wash my teeth and take a shower, I read my oroscope, I start to work, capuccino time ‪at 11:30am, back to work, lunch ‪at 1:00pm, work again, galleries opening, aperitivo or dinner with friends, watch a movie, go to bed ‪around midnight.

Can’t live without: Love