The Russian Soul of Warhol

In times of endless parties, Warhol had time to take care of the soul. Russian immigrant artists Komar and Melamid organized in New York a company selling Souls. Careless Andy Warhol sold his soul for $ 0, as evidenced by the signed certificate. And on May 19, 1979, at an auction held in Moscow, this certificate was bought by Alena Kirtsova for 37 rubles ($0,6) . The Russian woman was stubborn and in every way opposed the calls from USA with requests and threats to return the document. After the death of Warhol, his soul wanted to redeem the owner of several galleries in New York for $ 5,000, but Kirtsova did not succumb to it, so the soul of the king of pop art is still in Russia. Andy Warhol died on February 22, 1987.