Trip notes from India and Nepal by Daria Svertilova

Annapurna, Nepal.

Annapura is one of the largest reserves of Nepal. The Residents of local villages almost do not go down and do not go to cities without extreme necessity. People in Anapur feed on what they themselves grow, usually it’s rice. During the ascent to the mountains we saw a lot of hard manual work. Rice fields are cultivated with the help of buffaloes, as well as hundreds of years ago.

Ladakh, India.

Ladakh it’s a principality in the northernmost of the Indian states.This place absorbed more Tibetan culture than the Indian. After the forcible annexation of Tibet by China, Tibetans fled to India and Nepal.

The situation in Ladakh is quite tense, almost every 10-20 kilometers there are military camps and barracks. The state is between Pakistan and China and everyone wants to grab a piece of territory. Also here, mobile communications muffle.