«True fake art» by Michael Wolff

Strange, this is how these pictures appear at first sight. In front of typical Chinese urban backdrops young Chinese men and women present oil paintings by American and European artists from different epochs. What stands behind all this?

Following the iPhones, cars and abibas, Chinese copyists began to stamp masterpieces of world painting art, thus creating a new genre of fine art that goes beyond surface humor. Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Lee Friedlander and William Eggleston. Van Gogh — $ 75, Andy Warhol — 45, Ed Rush — 50.

The series «Real Fake Art» by German photographer Michael Wolff explores the consequences of mass production (an experienced copyist creates up to 30 works per day), a market that democratizes art and allows everyone to have their own «jokonda» at home.

Michael Wolf is twice the World Press Photo award for his social photo, which explores the problems of the consumer society.