Walter de Maria Land Art from L.A.

Walter de Maria is a pioneer of the American land art, whose works is a sort of universal «chamber of measures and weights», his material is miles of wildlife that the artist has subjected to various experiments proving how amazing that a kilometer will remain unchanged and universal, whatever the circumstances of their materialization.

Among its permanent installations there is not only an invisible «Vertical kilometer», but also a very spectacular «Earth Room». For the first time de Maria filled the gallery space with fresh earth in Munich in 1968. Then he worked under the motto «Pure Dirt. Pure Earth. Pure Land «. In 1977, the project was repeated in New York, where it is located to this day. It’s hard to even imagine how many times in 35 years, 336 square meters of fresh earth had to be filled up gallery in Manhattan. Friable, moist, fragrant chernozem in the snow-white exhibition hall makes a strong impression, especially as it is necessary to go up to the «Ground Room» on the third floor. You can imagine that, as you climbed the stairs, centuries passed, and New York managed to walk a few meters under the ground.

The most famous installation of Walter de Maria «Field of Lightning» in the desert in the west of New Mexico is open to visitors. It is a forest of lightning rods on a field of one kilometer per mile. To see the installation, you need to do a three-hour journey from Albuquerque and spend a day (less impossible) in the company with other guests without any electronic devices. No guarantee that the lightning, as a trap for which the installation is built, will still, of course, not. But, perhaps the true experience for the viewer will not be the heavenly light-music itself, but its expectation.